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How to apply and store beard oil

Where do I apply this life changing oil?
Shake well before use - it helps activate the magic! Use the pipette dropper to dispense the required amount in to your palm.

Rub hands lightly together and then work the oil (using fingertips) through the beard hair, from roots to tips, massaging to stimulate blood flow to the skin and hair follicles. Finish by pulling through the hair and shape as required.

Apply the oil to your hairy face area - whoa, hang on... not your eyebrow fuzz ball. And for all those lovely and considerate people that keep asking - NO - we do not recommend applying it to your downstairs beard. We know the ladies love the smell but this is not the way to make em swoon.


How much should I use and how often?
24 / 7 – 365 days of the year. You can apply the oil at any time throughout the day, once, twice or as many times as you like or your beard needs. We love applying it straight after a good ol' scrub in the shower first thing in the morning and enjoy the smooth feel and amazing smell.

These are example measures only, please experiment and find your perfect amount:

  • Stubble/Moustache = 1-2 drops
  • Medium Beard = 3-4 drops
  • Large Beard = 5-10 drops
  • MEGA beard = 10+ drops

Bear Face Beard Oils have been formulated to be light and non-greasy, so just leave it in and enjoy it.


How should I store it?
Keep your magnificent oil, magnificent, by storing it out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry and dark place. Essential oils do not like extreme or repeated changes in temperature, so don't store it in the fridge (its not cheese!). Please keep away from children - remember they do not have beards (yet).

If stored correctly, your oil will serve you happily for at least 12 months.